This Week in Essays


You didn’t know you needed Lyz Lenz to interview Tucker Carlson for the Columbia Journalism Review, but clearly no one else could make a profile this delightful.

“This is the role of a daughter: selfish, terrified, wanting and wanting and wanting beyond measure.” Here at The Rumpus, Megan Kirby experiences the aching suspension of a Florida vacation amidst grief.

Seth Tucker brilliantly knocks the good-guy-with-a-gun fantasy down step by step for Memoir Magazine.

“In spaces designed on the premise that looking and being looked at are social goods, I’m finding it hard to tell apart a desire to look from an obligation to witness.” At Real Life, Linda Besner examines the new ways we are accountable to each other on social media.

At Longreads, a writer whose daughter is the victim of several incidents at a Texas college fights against the blasé attitude toward hate crimes from those who don’t have anything at stake.

Penny Guisinger tackles buddhist self-help, boxing, turbulence, and alcoholism back on The Rumpus.


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