It’s Not Goodbye


On Monday, I will be stepping down from my role as Managing Editor of The Rumpus to begin a full-time staff writer position with the Columbia Journalism Review.

I began working at The Rumpus in 2014, first as a blogger, then as Deputy Books Editor, and finally as Managing Editor. I’ve loved being part of The Rumpus, because of its legacy of amazing writers and editors like Cheryl Strayed, Steve Almond, Isaac Fitzgerald, Roxane Gay, and so many others. At a time in my life when I was struggling to establish my career, my friends at the Rumpus supported me. They gave me a home and gave me a platform for my work.

In the past year and a half, Marisa and I have worked hard to build a site that tells beautiful, raw, and difficult stories. I will continue to support that mission as a member of the Advisory Board.

During my tenure as Managing Editor, I’ve been privileged to read and publish some of the best writers and essayists working today. Working with those writers, and The Rumpus’s talented editorial staff, has been incredible. Nothing is more important than telling our stories in the face of forces that would erase us. So, please keep writing, you motherfuckers.

Lyz's writing has been published in the New York Times Motherlode, Jezebel, Aeon, Pacific Standard, and others. Her book on midwestern churches is forthcoming from Indiana University Press. She has her MFA from Lesley and skulks about on Twitter @lyzl. Lyz is a member of The Rumpus Advisory Board and a full-time staff writer for the Columbia Journalism Review. More from this author →