This Week in Essays


It’s been a week that has us all wanting to throw shit. Megan Stielstra channels her rage into a 2 x 10 pine board at The Believer.

“Emotional breakdowns will get you bonus points. And, while you’re dying inside, can you be pretty? And do it again tomorrow?” For Jezebel, Diana Moskovitz talks crime, punishment, and how survivor’s stories are piling up.

At The Rumpus, Lisa Gabriele looks at the ways we shape the stories we tell about sexual assault.

“The problem is there is no right way for your child to die.” Those who would dare repeal Roe should be required to read stories like Hanna Neuschwander’s painful and tender experience of an early-induced birth at Longreads.

For Popula, Sarah Miller writes on honoring our personal tastes, not falling for the bullshit that will get us ahead in this world, and how terrible The English Patient is.

Back at The Rumpus, Suzanne Roberts wrestles with her feeling of complicity in a friend’s potential sexual assault.

“I spend so much time, in life, living deaths I haven’t died.” At Third Coast Review, Arthur Haynes writes on the ways a black body dies a thousand deaths every day.


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