Next Letter in the Mail: Lucy Bellwood


We’re getting ready to send our next Letter in the Mail, and it’s from cartoonist Lucy Bellwood! Lucy sends us a beautifully illustrated letter about visiting her godmother, who lives in a tiny village just outside of Cambridge in England.

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Lucy Bellwood is a professional Adventure Cartoonist based in Portland, OR. Her comics projects have covered a wide range of expeditions, including rafting trips through the Grand Canyon, cutting-edge oceanography in the Pacific, and an expedition aboard the last wooden whaling ship in the world. She is the creator of Baggywrinkles: a Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea, an educational memoir about her time working aboard tall ships, and 100 Demon Dialogues, a helpful guide to living with imposter syndrome. Find her online as @LuBellWoo, or at


Photograph of Lucy Bellwood © Chris Higgins.