This Week in Essays


At Pacific Standard, Terese Marie Mailhot examines the lack of response when indigenous women go missing, and insists we must do better.

“I want to imagine the future we are racing toward as an open road, but what I see instead is a looming mirror, reflecting all the carnage I thought we’d left behind.” For Guernica, Jessica Jacobs writes on Holocaust, happenstance, the dangers around us, and the choices that we make.

Here at The Rumpus, Imran Khan looks at the limits and repercussions of censorship.

Lindsay Lynch explores silence, blank space, and erasure for The Offing.

For Real Life, Alexandra Molotkow explores how social media exposes our intimate lives in ways that both honor and exploit.

And back at The Rumpus, Elizabeth Horneber unhooks her pain with a root canal.


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