This Week in Essays


“I am a citizen playing dumb, I think. A Los Angeles-born Mexican with a Salvadoran mother spending a quiet Saturday morning witnessing the material convergence of art, monument, and xenophobia.” At Popula, Raquel Gutiérrez considers the border wall as art project.

At Longreads, Kira Martin tries to bridge the aching distance between the closeness of the womb and the separation felt by a disaffected, grown son leaving the nest.

For Christopher Records, sexual awakening comes bathed in blood, seawater, and cold showers here at The Rumpus.

At Entropy, Christina Yoseph negotiates strained family bonds while standing proud inside her non-heteronormative relationship.

For the Atlantic, Jenny Shank shares one portrait of the effects of the shutdown squeeze.

Frankie Thomas writes a loving ode to the Animorphs series for the Paris Review.

Back at The Rumpus, Laura Eppinger faces the reality of bruising student debt.


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