This Week in Essays


“I didn’t stop crying for days, and not because I’d made the wrong choice, but because sometimes the right choice hurts.” Christa Parravani writes on life and death and leaving and returning in West Virginia for Guernica.

At Catapult, Alex Brown looks at the evolution of caring for premature births and her own struggle to survive.

Here at The Rumpus, Thomas Dai experiences his teeth as a narrative of constant ache.

Darcy Jay Gagnon writes on Bashō’s poetry and cicada-absorbing silence for Entropy.

Over at Outside, Jenn Shapland drinks the waters in the wilds of Texas for a new perspective.

At Off Assignment, Rachel Swearingen reflects on receiving a pep talk in a Senate bathroom.

Take a break from essays and read some poetry! The Rumpus is celebrating National Poetry Month with new poems every day, beginning with this stunner from Justin Phillip Reed.


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