This Week in Essays


At Glamour, Lyz Lenz writes on how the agony of post-divorce dating and why the gloves are off after #MeToo.

“In white churches, I always felt like an outsider in God’s house.” At Topic, Joshunda Sanders writes on the journey to finding a spirituality that fits.

Christine Quattro deals with difficult love here at The Rumpus.

“You are thirteen years old, at once the world’s newest man and the world’s oldest boy, and you are lying in bed and wanting.” Sam Wachman experiences sexual awakening at Sonora Review.

Instead of sex on the third date, Jen Doll tries some pot chocolate and things get interesting—read about it at Longreads.

“Today we attempt to enact control over our surroundings by becoming the curators of our online lives.” Back at The Rumpus, Lindsay Lynch creates a thought-provoking comparison between still-life paintings and Instagram posts and the wealth and order they are meant to display.


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