This Week in Essays


“Anything less but the prioritization of women over the pregnancies they carry cedes ground the left cannot afford to lose.” At Intelligencer, Sarah Jones writes urgently on the need to reframe how we talk about abortion rights.

Lacy M. Johnson breaks down the murderous effects of toxic masculinity at Lit Hub.

Here at The Rumpus, Honora Spicer gives a first-hand look inside a shelter for immigrants who’ve left detention, turning over the stories they carry.

Lauren Hough tries to get pot for her PTSD without re-traumatizing herself at Roxane Gay’s new publication for Medium, Gay Mag.

Logan Scherer studies Big Brother and vies to become the game’s next villain at Longreads.

“There never is a good enough answer to why any of us dies by suicide, at least not in ways that can ever satisfy, just like maybe there is no adequate explanation why any of us lives with a desire for it— and yet, so many of us do.” Back at The Rumpus, Jaehee Seo deals with suicidal ideation and finds something to believe in through one woman’s Instagram account.


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