This Week in Essays


At The Walrus, Jen Sookfong Lee turns to Anne of Green Gables for comfort during hard times.

“As gay boys, the roles of boyfriend, mentor, and john are not so easily distinguishable, inequities that can sustain us as much as they endanger us.” Ty Mitchell considers the fraught ways gay men frequently come into their sexuality at The New Inquiry.

Here at The Rumpus, Colleen Morrissey reflects on employment at Blockbuster and learns to embrace the nostalgia.

“I half expected to be met by a character from the J. Peterman catalog, offering me a peacock with a diamond leash.” For Outside, Emily Nunn goes to Appalachian Disneyland and maybe kind of likes it.

At Pacific Standard, Ruxandra Guidi grapples with her regime-loyal father’s Venezuelan reality.

“Even if cli-fi does rhyme with sci-fi, it doesn’t have to be speculative. Actual circumstances are becoming more surreal every day.” Back at The Rumpus, Terese Svoboda writes on how stories of real climate catastrophe already outreach our imagination.

For Dame, Chanté Griffin reflects on beauty pageants, racism, and taking value where you can find it.


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