This Week in Essays


For Hazlitt, Kristen Arnett has an unsanctioned experience in a dark room at Epcot.

Evelyn Martinez writes for Entropy on finding a calm, savory space making nacatamales during an uprooted San Francisco childhood.

Here at The Rumpus, Sharline Chiang looks for a way forward after the tragedy of Valeria and Oscar Ramirez dying while crossing the border river.

Myriam Gurba writes on being struck and being striking at the Paris Review.

At The Millions, Lijia Zhang thinks about the life her grandmother was forced into as she researches sex workers in Shenzhen, China.

Jill Talbot and Marcia Aldrich beautifully interweave their stories of unwanted pregnancy at Longreads.

“There are so many ways to invade a body without touching it.” Back at The Rumpus, Rachael Petersen writes on the thin line between bullying and sexual violence.


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