This Week in Essays


At Longreads, Leigh Hopkins goes to a Brazilian spiritual healer and comes away with persistent fibroids, a tragic loss, and the stories of over five hundred women being sexually abused.

“America is the story of powerful people struggling to keep their disproportionate amount of power from people who are struggling for the power to be free.” Ibram X. Kendi writes on an equitable patriotism for the Atlantic.

Here at The Rumpus, Courtney Cook tries to sort through her own pain while being bombarded by the pain of others.

“In these dreams, none of the men are ever my father. But, they’re all my father.” At So to Speak, Sonia Alejandra Rodríguez looks for rare gifts and waits for her luck to change.

Britt Julious writes for Topic on resistance choirs who lend their voices to lift up protest.

For The Outline, Paola de Varona wrangles with the conflict between country music and country culture as she tries to celebrate the music she loves.

“We weren’t Filipino-American. We were American first and Filipino when necessary.” Back at The Rumpus, Kristen Gaerlan aches for her father to find pride in his identity.


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