This Week in Essays


Rebecca Traister provides a necessary look at the Me Too aftermath for those who voiced their stories, over at The Cut.

For Jezebel, Prachi Gupta writes on losing a brother twice—once to different ideals and once to a fatal and risky procedure those ideals drove him to.

Here at The Rumpus, Ukamaka Olisakwe gives birth and reckons with painful healing and unkind traditions.

For The Atlantic, Stephanie Land has mixed emotions about using a cleaning service after spending years as a housecleaner herself.

At The Outline, Heather Hughes reflects on the powerful nature of self-care activities for those facing mental illness.

Wren Awry writes on the steady comfort of diners in a life of transitions, back at The Rumpus.

Mitchell Duran winds up at a Fortnite tournament and discovers the divide between casual play and all-consuming fandom at The Millions.


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