This Week in Essays


For The Baffler, Ann Neumann looks at embracing menopause as a natural and necessary stage of life.

“I find myself a kind of manager of my body, the type who diligently attends professional development seminars in the hopes that I’ll become a more motivational and efficient supervisor.” At Catapult, Amanda Goldblatt’s thoughts keep returning to the fallible body.

“Whatever we feast upon, we become.” Leigh Hopkins tries to change hearts and minds by looking at the inevitable around us in a new Turning Purple here at The Rumpus.

Over at Lit Hub, Marco Rafalà reflects on how a shared loss can alter everything in a family.

Dagomar Degroot writes on the survivability of climate change for Aeon.

At Punctuate, Dorothy Walton experiences immense absence when two trees in her neighborhood are torn down.

Back at The Rumpus, Amy Orazio finds that life resists neat order, bending instead toward chaos and fragility.


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