This Week in Essays


At Catapult, Christine H. Lee writes about swarms, queen bees, and growing into her own space after divorce.

Over at Highline, Rachel Morris writes on how a wall of bureaucracy has been more effective than a barbed-wire fence at the border.

“I watched as the bottle exploded into a hundred pieces on the concrete. Each shard screamed, ‘I said no.’” Brandon Sargent turns memory of a sexual assault into an opportunity to help someone else, here at The Rumpus for our ENOUGH series.

At the New Yorker, Jia Tolentino looks at the phenomenon of mom merch and what those cute slogans might actually be saying.

Michelle Delgado takes us through the history of the Crock Pot at Smithsonian magazine.

“True elegance comes from care and attention, not as a result of wealth or hyperconsumption.” Elizabeth Gollan writes on the beauty of thrift stores for Dame.

Back at The Rumpus, Sheila Squillante shares her love of food and cooking with her son.


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