This Week in Essays


Lucinda Cummings finds solace in replanting her lost son’s citrus trees in the soil where they belong, over at Hippocampus Magazine.

“If I store my uterus in a jar, like a talisman for the posterity I won’t create, I may pour formaldehyde libations for my foremothers, the wombless women.” At the Paris Review, Nafissa Thompson-Spires wrestles with complicated feelings about a hysterectomy and the potential relief it will bring.

Here at The Rumpus, Ashley Memory connects with her community through simple, satisfying food.

For Dame, Brooke Binkowski looks at how heartwarming acts of charity smooth over the ugly fact of people needing such random goodwill in the first place.

For So to Speak, Nyokabi Kariuki looks to language to figure out where she belongs.

At Contrary, Heather De Bel writes on wild friends and dealing with terrible things.

Lana Spendl finds wonder in a Sarajevo that has moved on from war, back at The Rumpus.


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