This Week in Essays


At Catapult, Megan Kirby writes on the need for clothing that’s inclusive of all bodies and the loving embrace of Old Navy jeans.

“It is everybody against everyone. Here we are, in it together, alone.” Elizabeth Wurtzel writes a final piece for GEN on finding, losing, and always clinging to love.

At Longreads, Depeche Mode doesn’t know what’s coming for them when a young, determined Laura Bond sets her sights on getting a word with the band.

Here at The Rumpus, Josiah Nelson finds harbor from bitter memories in the sweet sounds of The Carpenters.

On a trip to Kashmir, Kanan Gole looks for everyday life in a corner of the world that is only perceived through its conflicts, over at The Smart Set.

Yolande House pieces back together memories and trust following an assault for The Rumpus’s ENOUGH series.


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