This Week in Essays


At The Walrus, Lauren McKeon dives into the heady world of cannabis as wellness product.

“Not a past or future these men had written and would try to write for me, but a future I will write for myself.” Caralyn Green writes on PTSD and the persistence of past trauma, for The Rumpus.

At Longreads, a powerful story on how one woman writer’s success led to domestic abuse—and how everyone shrugs when a woman with incredible literary promise just disappears.

“It is unclear whether the goal is to help students learn to care for an infant or to scare students away from having one.” For Real Life, Sienna Zeilinger looks at how baby simulators fall short of the care and preparation we need to provide for teens.

For 3:AM Magazine, Kent Kosack looks at the objects of our existence and worth and contemplates whether they mean anything.

And don’t miss our new managing editor Marissa Korbel’s (possibly) last The Thread which takes a look at sexual fluidity and the times when language fails us.


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