Next Letter for Kids: Peter Witte


We’re sending our next Letter for Kids from writer and illustrator Peter Witte! Peter sends us a handwritten, illustrated letter about how he makes lists of what he loves when he feels sad, and how to draw a 5-minute comic—and, he hopes you’ll send him your own 5-minute comic!

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Peter Witte is a writer of stories and maker of pictures. He has written and illustrated children’s picture books that have yet to see the light of day, but his work for adults has been featured in a variety of literary magazines and journals, including The SunThe Threepenny Review, Tin House (online), Hobart, and The Rumpus. He is a submissions reader for the New England Review and teaches writing at the University of Maryland. He lives in University Park, Maryland, which is where Jim Henson grew up.


Childhood photograph of Peter Witte courtesy of Peter Witte.