This Week in Essays


“The body becomes little more than an object, sometimes, something abstracted from yourself, a doll loose in the hands of another.” At Catapult, s.e. smith finds that bodily autonomy is difficult to acquire when that body is disabled.

For Longreads, Sarah Fay gives serious consideration to the differences between solitude, isolation, and loneliness.

Here at The Rumpus, Jackie Connelly changes cities and finds that sometimes being constrained can set you free.

“A good bookstore is a peculiar nexus of feelings. It offers the comfort of the familiar, but also the lure of the unknown.” At Lit Hub, Stephen Sparks closes up shop and looks to the uncertain future.

At Electric Literature, Jeevika Verma connects with a deceased grandfather through poetry.

“The total eclipse is over. The world did not end. Life as we know it, and always knew it, continues, with every second. Yet I am no longer the same.” Kate Russo writes on her first experience of a total eclipse for Aeon.


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