This Week in Essays


For Naihobe Gonzalez, writing at The Offing, continual blackouts lead to a tenuous living situation.

At Entropy, Claire Sicherman and Marissa Korbel explore the tribulations of adolescence.

“Instead, we buried our true feelings and desires under an armor of wisecracks, designed to protect our soft parts.” Sarah Kasbeer searches for belonging at a furry convention, here at The Rumpus.

Francesca Marciano experiences an emptied Rome at Lit Hub.

Tom Hartley searches for meaning in his one-night case of temporary psychosis at Aeon.

“There were, in short, many worrying situations mingling together at once, but it did not occur to me that I was upset about any of them. What I was, was dizzy. What I was, was tired. It took me some time to see that the issue might be the relationship between what was going on between my head and my heart.” For The Believer, Madeleine Watts searches for the answers to her body’s behavior.


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