This Week in Indie Bookstores


Are you looking to help out your local indie bookstore in the era of COVID-19? There’s an app for that.

One DC bookstore is using a food delivery app to deliver books. That’s delicious.

Author Charlie Jane Anders is working with other speculative fiction writers to help Bay Area indie bookstores stay open with We Love Bookstores online events.

Meanwhile, many of Brooklyn’s bookstores have moved online.

If marijuana is essential, why aren’t books?

No, really: books are essential.

Though bookstores and libraries are closed and money is scarce, there are still ways to access free books online.

James Patterson comes to the rescue with #SaveIndieBookstores.

Slate wrestles with the fate of independent bookstores.

America’s longest-operating independent bookstore needs help to keep its doors open.

Wuhan, China—epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak—is home to this stunning bookstore, notable for its great lighting.

Last week, hit another milestone: $200,000 in contributions to independent stores. (You can shop for new reads from the safety of your home and support The Rumpus in this difficult time at our very own Bookshop storefront.)

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