This Week in Essays


“I place my palm on a wall that human touch has polished to a sheen: I am touching eight centuries of despair and bewilderment and hope.” At Granta, Anna Badkhen travels to the cradle of human evolution and gains a wider lens on the current global crisis.

For n+1, Dan Fox looks at what’s different and what’s the same in Prospect Park during the pandemic.

Here at The Rumpus, Emme Lund finds that acceptance comes in stages as she confronts her gender identity and leaves her alcohol dependence behind.

At Entropy, Jordan Megna discovers how much of queer history gets lost to the unknown while trying to dig into the truth behind a male partnership at Fallingwater.

For Brevity, Kelly Thompson confronts the ageism inherent in a health crisis that is more deadly to certain age groups.

Stassa Edwards covers the phenomenon of dancing yourself to death and our current phenomenon of dancing to ward off death, over at Jezebel.


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