This Week in Indie Bookstores


New York’s iconic Strand bookstore has moved online after Governor Cuomo denied its appeal to name book delivery an essential service.

A Romanian bookstore chain is partnering with another retailer to continue selling books during coronavirus lockdowns. earns over a million dollars for independent member shops. (You can visit The Rumpus’s Bookshop storefront here.)

Books Are Magic bookstore owner Emma Straub is set launch a new novel.

A Turkish bookstore is giving away a Chinese doctor’s book about COVID-19 to customers with every purchase.

Physical bookstores have started debating how and when and if they should reopen, and to consider how stores will be different.

BookRiot has collected some great indie bookstore shirts.

Check out these beautiful bookstores from around the world to remind us there is an outside.

This animal-themed bookstore is looking for donations.

Bookstore software is also changing because of the pandemic.

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