This Week in Essays


“The polyphonic city contains many distinct ways of sensing and knowing, of diagnosing and healing, our selves and our spaces.” Over at Places Journal, Shannon Mattern listens through the silence to the sounds our cities make.

For Guernica, Brandon Holmes finds out what life is like where the glaciers are melting.

Shaheen Pasha’s life gets forever wrapped up in a former flame’s incarceration at Longreads.

“You meet someone, fall in love, and then discover that the package deal includes their hometown. The next thing you know, you’re buck-naked in a steamy wooden hut flagellating a male cousin-in-law with a bundle of birch twigs.” In the spirit of Russian narrative, Dewaine Farria takes a wide-ranging look at life in Kyiv, here at The Rumpus.

Birds take flight in an unchanging Mongolia, writes B. A. Van Sise for Nowhere.

At Hazlitt, Jonathan Kauffman explores the mordant humor of a popular 90s zine from the AIDS epidemic.


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