This Week in Indie Bookstores


Support these Black-owned bookstores. And these. And these.

During protests over the murder George Floyd, Oakland’s Black-owned Marcus Books received enough donations to surpass its fundraising goal.

New York City’s Black-owned bookstores see record business during protests.

Books on race relations are proving popular this week.

Wondering how to be an ally to the Black community? An Oklahoma bookstore is offering ally book box subscriptions.

Minneapolis bookstores were not spared from vandalism during a weekend of civil unrest.

The Uncles, two bookstores in Minneapolis, are raising funds after fires damaged both stores.

New York City’s The Strand was tagged with anti-police graffiti, and the store’s owner is donating to Black Lives Matter.

If you can’t beat them, join them. The Strand owner also bought a big chunk of Amazon stock, just in case.

Check out this inside look at running an indie bookstore in a conservative city.

These nuns are praying for the looters who attacked their Catholic bookstore.

Los Angeles has great options for curbside pick-up of books during the COVID-19 lockdown. Hey, remember the pandemic?

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