This Week in Essays


“Among the most American elements of Disney magic is that it lets kids imagine princesses as accessible and pure-hearted, rather than as aristocrats worried they might be coughed on by proles.” Graeme Wood travels to pandemic-altered Disney World and lives to tell about it for The Atlantic.

At PANK, Marco Villatoro writes on his experience confronting cholera and the death of young children in Guatemala.

“If we were fighting for visibility before, we now have it in spades, except it has arrived in the perverse form of spit, fists, fury.” Beverly Tan Murray writes here at The Rumpus on how the pandemic has laid bare racist sentiments toward and within the Asian American community.

For Real Life, Jon Glover looks at the convergence of alternate-reality gaming with right-leaning conspiracy theories, which leads him to alarming conclusions.

“You do not make marmalade without a small optimism, a hope of orange-colored happiness in your future.” Olivia Potts dives into the surprisingly interesting world of marmalade obsession for Longreads.


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