This Week in Essays


At Catapult, Joya Ahmad looks to the field of neuroscience for answers about how a brain can heal after trauma.

“Unlike a discriminatory law or a withheld opportunity, a race wall is solid, simple, right there at the end of the street.” For Places Journal, Chat Travieso considers the infrastructure of segregation and silent monuments that resonate.

Here at The Rumpus, Sofia Puente-Lay examines her cultural inheritances through her family’s, and her own, history with and feelings about dogs.

For n+1, Jeremiah Moss writes on what people are quick to leave behind in a New York whose contents have shifted.

Nikita Gale thinks about the underappreciated genius of Tina Turner’s work with Phil Spector on “River Deep – Mountain High” and  over at Triple Canopy.

Back at The Rumpus, Nicole R. Zimmerman deals with the toll her brother’s drinking takes on his children, and on her.


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