This Week in Essays


“To lose a parent is to lose a version of yourself. Parents are mirrors into which we gaze throughout our lives, seeking approval, reassurance, love.” At Entropy, Patrick Pujolas reflects on the last days of his mother, one of over 210,000 in the US who have died of COVID-19.

Natalie Lima writes on party lines and philandering fathers for Guernica.

Andy Mingo thinks about the ways we shape ourselves in the name of survival, here at The Rumpus.

At Grist Journal, Kimberly Hoff peers into the old growth forest and finds cycles of life and death.

At The Offing, Will Cordeiro journeys to the remote community of Supai near the Grand Canyon.

Back at The Rumpus, Liliana Torpey finds an unexpected intergenerational connection through an experience with street harassment.


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