This Week in Indie Bookstores


Vox takes a look at how the pandemic is pounding local bookstores.

A Seattle bookstore’s labor union wants to keep cops out of their shop.

Help your local bookstores now, and get your holiday shopping done early, too.

After accepting a million-dollar PPP loan and laying off 188 staff earlier this year, The Strand is now begging for patrons to buy books and says it’s seen a 70% decline in sales due to the ongoing pandemic.

Workman Publishing announces a new program to help boost indie bookstores.

Brooklyn’s Cafe Con Libros is calling attention to the battle between local bookstores and Amazon.

Japan’s Tsutaya bookstore chain has opened its first outlet in China.

Nebraska has a new bookstore in downtown Papillon.

This romance novel-focused bookstore is thriving despite the pandemic.

Black-owned bookstores are doing well this year, too.

And, graphic novel sales are 42% up in North America this year.

Taiwan has a bookstore that is almost completely dark.

An Oregon bookstore is setting up a pass-it-on program to help connect readers with books even if they can’t afford to buy them.

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