This Week in Essays


As small businesses succumb to the pandemic, Francesca Mari observes the fate of her father’s electronics shop for The Atlantic.

“My experience of mental illness has been one of a sine wave. It undulates. It never goes away.” For Catapult, Jami Nakamura Lin writes on being bipolar, releasing rage, and living with the undulations.

Here at The Rumpus, Angie Chatman tries to make home grow on foreign soil.

“Even in our digitized, financialized economy, wealth, which is power, is accumulated through the use and misuse of bodies.” For n+1, Judith Levine examines the startling present and future of disposable lives performing essential work .

At Lit Hub, Rebecca Solnit provides a clear explanation of why considering the needs and motivations of Trump voters is not a useful exercise.

Back at The Rumpus, Anu Kandikuppa appreciates the utility of the humble comb.


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