This Week in Essays


At Catapult, Sarah Lyn Rogers reflects on that beautiful brief era of the early internet when we were merely minds without bodies in a nebulous virtual space.

“Strangling things grow wild when you’re not paying attention.” Marissa Landrigan weathers prenatal depression and finds a way through, here at The Rumpus.

“This is my message to anyone who isn’t already in the hospital, in the bed or standing beside it: Just hold on.” Anna DeForest writes on the hollow nature of heroics at a hospital during a pandemic for the Paris Review.

Deborah Thompson contemplates whether or not there is power in magic numbers, at the New Ohio Review.

Back at The Rumpus, Sue William Silverman tries to sketch a new sense of herself while recovering from sex addiction.

For New York Magazine, Olivia Nuzzi takes a dive into finding a reasonable explanation for Four Seasons Landscaping and comes up short.


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