This Week in Essays


At Zócalo, Jennifer Mercieca writes on watching a showman orchestrate a dangerous spectacle last Wednesday.

For Monet Patrice Thomas, the death of a name twin is cause for reflection at Pidgeonholes.

“I knew nothing about her addiction but everything about her itch.” Here at The Rumpus for our Voices on Addiction series, Starr Davis writes on the death of a troubled, erstwhile friend.

“From what I could observe, the most stable household configuration was a lady, an armchair, and a newspaper.” At Hazlitt, Linda Besner analyzes marriage through various economic lenses.

“In my attempt to bond with the women about things like hair maintenance and dating, I’d accidentally turned myself into a cartoon of a queer person.” At Catapult, Edgar Gomez holds firm to queerness in a Latinx workplace.

Evan Joseph Massey meditates on Black hair and history back at The Rumpus.

At Harper’s Bazaar, Kaitlyn Greenidge writes on who gets forgiven and who feels the aftereffects when white supremacists stage a coup.


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