This Week in Essays


For The Cut, Rebecca Traister hits the nail on the head with regard to the reality of a gentle old white man taking the mantle of power.

“I am careful to keep my mouth closed so the world does not notice my teeth.” At LARB, Zara Potts writes a stunning piece on having a hysterectomy as a teenager.

“It’s not that I find race in everything but that race finds me.” For Granta, Ian Williams shares the cumulative impact of racist slights big and small.

Here at The Rumpus, Elara Elizabeth Cáceres remains hopeful as her father climbs out of addiction.

“At one point the audience broke into a familiar chant, ‘U-S-A,’ but you could barely catch it over the roar of idling engines.” At Lit Hub, Timothy Denevi sums up Trump’s much-anticipated final day at the White House.

Amber Sparks longs for adult-friendly escape at Electric Literature.


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