This Week In Indie Bookstores


Bookstores in the Latin Quarter of Paris are being priced out.

Check out this bookstore, founded in 1979, that’s had nine locations in its lifetime.

Workers of The Strand bookstore rallied in protest to the store’s working conditions and its millionaire-owner’s union busting.

Buyers rush to purchase six Dr. Seuss books canceled due to racist content.

Learn how Stephen Colbert and Tom Hanks saved Foggy Pine Books.

A Virginia bookstore is offering a Stuffed Animal Sleepover with the author of I Am Not a Dog Toy.

Check out this comprehensive interview with the owner of a bookstore in Mumbai, India.

The landlord of Montreal’s S. W. Bookstore attempts to defend a 75% increase in the shop’s rent.

A new comic book shop has opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

A vintage family photo discovered at a bookstore has been reunited with its owners, after a search on Twitter.

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