National Poetry Month Day 27: Claire Meuschke





End to Want

I want to watch the year’s biggest, arbitrary moon
rise from the hills though I don’t
know how logistically
it’s always been by chance

I want to be young and on my way
from one friend to another
smiling stupidly into headlights

a wren binds its own beak shut
eager for the spider’s fly
a man will tell you about his ropes
all the knots he knows

morning glories open to a sodium vapor street corner

maybe I was too homely making cornbread
unremarkable in free nonprofit t-shirts
how when I touched myself with you inside me
you pushed my hand aside and said no

I never went inside the noun and noun stores
just watched people replace people
any pedestrian understands this
if the feminine of end was and
if I was always this upfront

citrus branches new and without flowers
scrape against the window at 3am sighing
and and and and and


Photographer Claire Meuschke by Judy Meuschke.

Claire Meuschke is the author of Upend (Noemi Press 2020). She is a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and a Farm Assistant at an urban farm in Oakland, CA. More from this author →