This Week in Essays


Samuel Holleran and Max Holleran consider the tons of steel from the World Trade Center and efforts to commemorate 9/11 at Places Journal.

“My mom is bold and brash and built like a bowling ball, five foot four and a solid two hundred pounds or more. She doesn’t wear makeup. Or own eye cream. She has two volume settings: loud and screaming.” Annabelle Tometich writes about a mother who is a force to be reckoned with at Catapult.

Krys Malcom Belc thinks about bodies and babies, here at The Rumpus.

Hannah Smothers writes on loss and swimming holes at Hippocampus.

At Guernica, Eaton Hamilton shares a complicated history with their mother’s mental illness and drug abuse.

Back at The Rumpus, Kayla Eason examines an abusive relationship through the lens of visual art.

Nicole Froio considers what words to use instead of “toxic masculinity” at DAME.


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