Meet Our New ENOUGH Series Editor!


The ENOUGH series was born out of fury—my own, and the collective anger so many of us felt in early 2017, facing down four years of a Trump administration.

ENOUGH offers a dedicated space for work by women, trans, and nonbinary writers that engages with rape culture and sexual assault. I believed in 2017, as I do now, that an ongoing conversation around sexual violence is critically important—until our laws and societal norms reflect and effect significant change, we must insist on being heard.

At the start of the pandemic, I put ENOUGH on an extended hiatus. COVID brought with it many challenges for all of us; for me, one was a renewed struggle with my own CPTSD. Finally, after more than a year, the series resumed in August. This was only possible because of the assistance I received from our editorial team, and especially from Katie Kosma. A little about Katie:

Katie Kosma is an editor who loves nothing more than being neck deep in words and sharing others’ stories. As an editor for Longreads, she selected, edited, and assigned essays and features. She lives for the absurd, the honest, and the Marmite. She may or may not have been on the inaugural Fans of the Golden Girls cruise. Having failed to outrun her southern roots in New York City, Katie currently lives in North Carolina.

Please join me in extending a warm Rumpus welcome to Katie! We’ll be announcing new reading periods for the ENOUGH series soon.


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