This Week in Essays


Julian Aguon writes urgently from the frontlines of sea-level rise in the Pacific for The Atlantic.

“I could relax and let myself enjoy my surroundings because I didn’t need to make any decisions and nobody wanted anything from me—most importantly, myself.” Stefani Cox longs for the lulling power of trains and their noises here at The Rumpus.

At Real Life, Vivian Lam writes on memes and gender as vibes.

“When people move there is usually a pull, but there is often also a push.” For Ecotone, Josina Guess writes on the relationship between human and plant migrations and finding a home to grow and belong.

Aarti Rao comes to terms with abuse in her marriage, back at The Rumpus.

For Catapult, Katie T. Quach writes on immigration and imagining alternate lives.


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