This Week in Indie Bookstores


Independent Bookstore Day will be held on April 30.

Check out the oldest gay bookstore in the country, located in Philadelphia.

Yu and Me Bookstore, dedicated to showcasing books with diverse representation, opens in NYC’s Chinatown.

One Tacoma bookstore has a plan to survive Amazon.

A Salt Lake City bookstore, forced to relocate due to real estate development, finds a new home.

The only thing better than a bookstore with a bar is a bookstore with a bar and a library.

Check out these three independent bookstores in Westchester County, New York.

A bookstore dedicated to animals has opened in NYC’s East Village.

Innovative indie bookstores are finding success online.

Amazon attempted to cut a corrupt bargain with French lawmakers.

Follow the Hudson Valley book trail, connecting independent bookstores in the area.

An Ontario town is losing its last bookstore.

Publishers Weekly checks in on airport mainstay Hudson News.

Check out this list of Vancouver’s best bookstores.

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