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Funny Women: Catalog of This Season’s Memoirs by Men


At Manley, Leathermore & Gunner Books, we publish the best, brightest, and whitest cis male authors, the group most vulnerable to cancel culture and the whims of industry gatekeeperesses. Reviewers, casual readers, academics, booksellers, and lit-bros alike will find something to praise in our forthcoming memoirs:

Halftime: Courting Disaster

Steve McHarper is the Seattle Swishers’s starting point guard. Just as he had everything under control on the basketball court, so too did he in his marriage. But somewhere along the way, McHarper committed a minor foul: he had eleven mistresses. Selected from a Victoria’s Secret catalog, the Sears catalog home goods section, JJ’s House Prom Dresses, and at the Boca Raton Town Center Mall’s Ann Taylor LOFT, he met these smoldering tens in executive suites of hotels across America. With emphasis on his very specific titillating acts of betrayal, McHarper comes clean to the world—ultimately showing that nearly two-dozen simultaneous extramarital affairs is awesome but can cause issues with the wife, your PR, and even the league.

My Strife

Acclaimed author Lars von Jørgensen’s next tour de force is likely to win the Nobel, and he has found his subject in the most unlikely of places: his own home. Jørgensen chronicles his wife’s morning routine and offers unflinching observations such as, “Her legs, she has not waxed for a fortnight—yet I am expected to write,” along with searing commentary on modernity: “I must fetch Villum from the kindergarten. Despite this task looming and having played solitaire for the first 7.5 hours of the day, I spilled blood. Which is to say I wrote. Not much. Just, you know, the text you are reading. Right now.” 

The Mostly Open Road

Part adventure story, part philosophical treatise, part tire changing manual, this memoir begins in a New Jersey dorm room where Anthony Garcia declares, “I am off to find myself!” But his mom, his on-and-off girlfriend Lisa, and his best friend-slash-weed dealer Ryan all doubt his ability to stay the course. In his trusty 2016 Nissan Sentra, Garcia drives the arduous route to Pennsylvania, eventually stopping for the night in Indiana. In the morning, he eats too much biscuits and gravy at Cracker Barrel and has to lie down in his car’s backseat; but he makes a comeback, ultimately driving in circles until he, at last, arrives in East Lansing, Michigan. This man has been on a road trip and decided to write about it.

One More Last Dance

J-J “the Flash” Williamson is best known for his acrobatic dance moves in music videos by chart toppers Sisqó, Take That, and 98 Degrees. But now, it is later and people want to know, “Are you still in the business?” and “Who are you?” and “Why are you doing backflips in the Costco parking lot?” Finally, Williamson has an answer: “Last year I was married to Olana, world-wide pop music sensation, for eight days.” How did it all go down? From a hard seltzer–fueled courtship at an MTV VMA after-after party, to saying “I do” in a tiny church in Parkville, Missouri, to trying to convince Olana not to annul—Williams tells all in 677 pages and a choreographed dance for readers (available online via code found in the book).

Without Words: My Exotic Whirlwind Love Affair That Definitely Happened

John Lanyard is an IT specialist who finds himself at a company retreat on a tropical island. The first night, the tech guys get sloshed, and Lanyard—not much of a drinker—finds himself walking the beach. He believes he is alone until he hears the most beautiful song coming from near the water, carried to him on the breeze. The voice belongs to a woman as stunning as the haunting, garbled moans of her music. When she sees Lanyard, she is startled by how much she wants to make love to him, which she does, with the hunger of a Venus fly trap. The affair lasts the four days of his retreat but will burn within her eternal—proving that if you understand the lexicon of a woman’s body, you needn’t speak one word of her language. 

The 14 Brilliances

Men are no longer men. But Jon Ramsey has a career as a professor of new masculinity, and he will save us all. Attaining a state of Grand Self-Mastery starts with “archetypal ownership” and expands to helping women thrive within their own role (black hole night terror). In Volume I, lesson three, “Cast Out Inner Disasters,” Ramsey reveals that he is not afraid to cry. The sixth lesson, “Grow One Inch Taller Overnight” is paired with the eye-opening story of Ramsey making love to his wife on their wedding night, which inspired him to grow taller and to become “the Everyman’s Philosopher.” One piece of wisdom Ramsey imparts: “As much as my wife threatens to find another husband if I don’t ‘step up,’ I will never again enter the ravenous suction pipe of feminine horror.” Finally, the 14th Brillance will initiate the Great Gender War and ensure men’s victory. Pre-order now.




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