An Occupy Roundup


You might get the impression from this piece that the NYPD isn’t interested in respecting the right of the press to cover stories involving them. That’s certainly the impression I get.

Also, NYPD, that person you’re shoving against a wall might be a former Supreme Court Judge who’s acting as a legal observer.

Police pepper-sprayed non-violent protesters at UC-Davis as well.

Video of another Marine being beaten by an Oakland police officer in full riot gear on November 2-3 has surfaced. The video is graphic.

Here’s a good story about the arrest of retired Philadelphia police Captain Ray Lewis.

Anonymous wants to shut down the Iowa caucuses. Occupiers are nonplussed. The Governor is crapping his pants.

Adam Hartung in Forbes (Forbes?!) argues that we should be paying more attention to Occupy than we do to the Tea Party.

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