Here Are Some Stories Seth Likes


Here’s a few very short stories for your Monday morning:

“When a door opens and you can’t see who’s coming, it’s almost always a cat that would like to be your lover.” — At BLIP MAGAZINE, “The Cat Lover” by Thaisa Frank. 

“We sweet-lipped drag queens for clean sheets.” — At The Collagist, “And Then We Were Happy” by T Kira Madden. 

“She shakes her head and says, “I don’t drink.” She did years ago. I haven’t seen my grandmother in a long time. I live five states away and I don’t like to fly.” — At Used Furniture Review, “Wind Chime” by Shellie Zacharia. 

“They lived beside the great river, closer to animals than men; they sinned without knowledge of having sinned, without shame or honor.” At Matter Press, “Serpent” by Steve Almond. 

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