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The Rumpus Interview with Derek Ridgers


British photographer Derek Ridgers discusses his fetish for nightclub portraits and what it’s been like to shoot the London underground scene for nearly four decades. ...more

Peter Mendelsund (color) (c) George Baier IV

The Rumpus Interview with Peter Mendelsund


Writer, designer, and thinker Peter Mendelsund talks about book design, the tangled process of reading and perception, and his two new books, Cover and What We See When We Read. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Tomi Ungerer


Writer and illustrator Tomi Ungerer discusses his exile in Ireland, being a target of censorship, and his work's recent resurgence of popularity in the US. ...more


Sound & Vision #8: David Barnes


In Sound & Vision #8, multimedia artist and performer David Barnes discusses his work with the band of Montreal, art as a career, and writing a graphic novel about a baby growing inside a pregnant male football player. ...more

The Extraordinary Ladies In My Life


Disaster has always been my most loyal muse. Whenever I glued my hands together as a child; I took to my diary. Whenever the dog I’m dog-sitting jumps out of the car I’m driving (it only happened once, and it was OK); I blog.



Sketchbook Project


I spent four hours perusing the collection on a recent snowy morning and could've spent all day. I took home an official Sketchbook Project notebook and devoted the first pages to these impressions of my visit ...more


Spotlight: Hiphop Is the Future


Though Matt Dojny has become known primarily as a novelist since the publication of The Festival of Earthly Delights this past June, he's been making comics since his earliest childhood: ...more