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On Grief and Inheritance: A Conversation with Brionne Janae


The poet Brionne Janae discusses her debut poetry collection After Jubilee, intergenerational trauma, and writing her way into historical personae. ...more

What to Read When You Need More Anne Shirley in Your Life


Today, the new series Anne with an E premieres on Netflix. Here's a list of books for times when you need a strong female protagonist like Anne Shirley. ...more

Southern Girl: Beyoncé, Badu, and Southern Black Womanhood


None of the imagery of Lemonade is foreign to those of us who grew up in the South or who have Southern roots. ...more

The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Chaitali Sen


Swati Khurana talks to the author of The Pathless Sky, a love story centered around place, the state’s authority, statelessness, and geology. ...more

The End of Literature


The rapid rise of “trigger warnings” is starting to impact literature curriculums. For instance, Columbia University students lobbied to include warnings on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, a core text in Western Literature syllabi. Columbia refused to include warnings, but essentially capitulated by expunging the text from its curriculum entirely.


The Rumpus Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch


Lidia Yuknavitch discusses her latest book, The Small Backs of Children, war, art, the chaos of experience, and that photograph of the vulture stalking the dying child in the Sudan that won the Pulitzer Prize. ...more