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The Americans by David Roderick

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The Americans is no self-help book, no guide to suburban living. Rather, [it] offers all of us a chance to examine the places we make our homes, to remember what these places might mean in the context of American history, and to consider how they might shape American culture. ...more

Who Gets to Write the Review?


“The book review page is an odd cultural territory, often inhabited by such hybrid creatures — unlike their contemporaries in other disciplines, where the lines between critic and artist are more pronounced.”

All readers are book critics, but disseminating literary opinions to the masses is only part of the job description for some of us.


Discovering Georges Simenon


simenonMaybe because I’m one-quarter Belgian, or so my parents claim, I tend to go out of my way to discover famous Belgians. I’m half-kidding about that but I do admit there was a brief, embarrassing period when I claimed to have Belgian Gypsy blood just like that famous jazz guitar player Django Reinhardt who was in fact a real Belgian Gypsy.  But as far as famous Belgian writers go, I haven’t read many, at least not until earlier this year when I discovered the amazing novelist Georges Simenon.