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A Tale of Two Siblings


For the New York Times’s Bookends column, Thomas Mallon and Leslie Jamison muse on the books that best capture the intricate and fraught relationships between siblings:

That’s what I felt Faulkner intuited about siblings: that there were all sorts of gaps and harms and distances that might befall them, that they might inflict on each other, but that they loved each other anyway.


Smith, Cote (c) Mick Cottin

The Rumpus Interview with Cote Smith


Cote Smith talks about his debut novel, Hurt People, growing up in a prison town, using rejection as motivation, and brotherly love. ...more

Own Vanishing feature

Are We All Our Own Vanishing


We will never be an exclamation point, an ellipses, a question mark. We must all leave with this: a period—solid, and utterly irrefutable. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Remembering Molly


Ten years later I still wondered about those aviator glasses and whether The Breakfast Club could restore us. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Karrie Higgins


The more narratives that approach reality "differently" get treated as "insane" or "unreal," the less readers are exposed to them, and the more "unreal" or "insane" they seem. It's like a feedback loop. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Wanting To Dance


It just felt so comfortable to slide back into singing, “She Loves You,” and know for that moment, everything was the same. ...more


What Music?


A dozen Decembers ago, my brother was found in his Bronco, burnt to shit. He had been out drinking with strangers—at least, that’s what the detective told us. The last words we know he said were, “Good night, new friends.”