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Becoming Bodies


[W]e wanted something different from each other's bodies than what was actually there, which might be why our bodies sometimes came together. ...more

Our Own Bodies: A Conversation with JoAnna Novak


JoAnna Novak discusses her novel, I Must Have You, eating disorders, and writing characters that challenge our expectations of how women should behave. ...more

Erasing the Girl: Why Don’t We Trust Women to Tell Their Stories of Disordered Eating?


I didn’t want to criticize her, or demand explanations from her. I just wanted to hear her speak. ...more



I long to learn from my darkest teachers, feel the stab of their spectacular rejection. Perhaps I feel most alive when I’m hurting. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Queen of Decay


I wish it had been: Amy was a brilliant and tortured artist. Lets explore her brilliance. Let’s watch her perform. ...more

The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


This week, the book blogs are obsessed.

They really, really want to tell you everything about William Vollman and Thomas Pynchon and their new wondrous masterpieces of weird. I love both authors and look forward to reading both books, but this week, the blogs talked so incessantly about them that I will make this roundup a Vollman and Pynchon free zone, with one exception.