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The Strange Power of Suttree


There’s this deeply cool new magazine about literature and rock music called Radio Silence, which we reviewed back in June, and they recently posted an essay titled “The Bottom” that will just about cave your head in.

In it, Jim White writes about how a Cormac McCarthy novel saved him from a surreally devastating heartbreak—and plunked him into an equally surreal situation in Knoxville, Tennessee.


The Millions Judges The Millenium (So Far)


At The Millions, a handful of writers are throwing down their two cents for the best books of the Millenium so far.

Among the more moving reviews is Bret Anthony Johnson’s elegiac take on McCarthy’s The Road.

I think, in fact, he distills through his appreciation of the novel the most fundamental power of storytelling:

“This is perhaps the most shocking aspect of The Road: what remains, what you remember years after you’ve read the book, is the beauty, the compassion, the relentlessness of possibility that burns on the colorless horizon.