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TORCH: Over the Borderline


I'm writing about the border through the eyes of children because the border is a problem of the imagination. ...more

Haunted by Child Refugees: Valeria Luiselli’s Tell Me How It Ends

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These aren’t ghosts; these are children who have braved a perilous journey to escape the violent nightmares back home. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction



In a political climate in which undocumented immigrants are painted as criminals and rapists and half the country is crying for deportation, this week’s story reminds us that immigrants are fathers who love their daughters, who work hard and send money home to dying mothers, who will go to the ends of the Earth for their loved ones—they are normal Americans with normal hearts, just like the rest of us.


A Study of Homeland in Displacement


To think of Brazil as a different place than I remember it is to think of my unbelonging, as someone out of place in my memory. ...more